Electronic equipment recycling

Your partner for recycling electronic equipment and reusing state-of-the-art industrial tools. Experts in sustainable solutions.

Founded in 2002, Electro Recycling is a trading and consultancy company specialising in the re-use of cutting-edge industrial equipment (instruments, production lines) and the recovery of electronic and non-ferrous waste.

Global recycling management
from site clearance to material recovery

With 22 years’ experience under our belts, we can offer you our expertise in buying your waste at its highest value, and act as consultants to industrial companies in optimising recycling on their production sites.

We provide

Cleaning of sites according to the rules of the trade.
Logistics management from your sites using appropriate transport.
Administrative management and traceability of waste.
Preparation of cross-border files.

With us you benefit from

A service focused on efficiency and your satisfaction.
A solution covering all administrative and technical services from your site.
Processing sites in Europe.
Fast, reliable payment


A combination of manual pre-disassembly and mechanical processing within our group of certified SMEs ensures the highest level of recycling.
During pre-treatment, the appliances are sorted and environmentally harmful components are removed.
The resulting fractions are separated and sorted for recovery.


Simple and competitive

For re-use, we pay for functional machines on site before removal.

For waste, we pay on receipt, after ensuring administrative follow-up and full traceability, from pick-up on your site to disposal.

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